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WC - Decision Framework for Extension of Time Claims

ASAQS Gauteng Chapter AGM, ASAQS Presidential Tour and panel discussion

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

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Quantity Surveyors, project managers, cost engineers or anybody interested in the construction industry and built environment should find really useful information on this large web site dedicated to the quantity surveying profession in South Africa. Our Events Calendar lists seminars and events for quantity surveyors, cost engineers, project managers and other role players in the construction industry. Visit our online store to purchase contracts, documents, apparel and software or take time out to catch up on the latest "News". Browse around... we hope you enjoy your stay! Welcome. We're glad you're here.


Do you think bricks and mortar are something of the past?

An article that featured on the ASAQS Facebook page has attracted some comments.

"A new Ukrainian homebuilding startup called PassivDom uses a 3D printing robot that can print parts for tiny houses. The machine can print the walls, roof, and floor of PassivDom’s 380-square-foot model in about eight hours. The windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems are then added by a human worker.

When complete, the homes are autonomous and mobile, meaning they don’t need to connect to external electrical and plumbing systems. Solar energy is stored in a battery connected to the houses, and water is collected and filtered from humidity in the air (or you can pour water into the system yourself). The houses also feature an independent sewage system."

The houses will be available in the USA and theUkraine by the end of this year.

Do your think that innovations such as this will end six thousand years of building with bricks and mortar?

Leave your comments on the ASAQS Facebook page

Updated NEC4 supports changing market demands, says Alusani® Course Leader

The enhancements that have been brought to the new NEC4 contracts are widely positive and a direct result of feedback from the industry, says Cameron Staude, Alusani® Course Leader.

“While the changes aren’t strictly necessary, the updates have added to an already successful contract. Some of the major improvements include the addition of a design build operate (DBO) contract as well as the Contractor’s design option as a secondary clause in the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC),” says Staude.

Click here to read more about the NEC4

Alusani® has two options to help get you up-to-date on the NEC4 with Cameron Staude. You can either attend a 1-hour Webinar or a 1-day training course.

Send me more information about the NEC4 Webinar

Send me more information about the 1-day NEC4 training course

Classification of natural materials as used in earthworks

Zero Group, our latest sponsor, has successfully completed numerous high profile bulk excavation and platform contracts across Gauteng and has gained extensive insight and experience on the various gravel types encountered and most commonly required in fill operations. The objective of this information sheet is to provide clarity regarding gravel material classification.

The classification of construction materials is a complicated field. In this article the classification of natural materials as used in earthworks will be discussed. The general classification is done in terms of a “G” notification, like G5, G6, G7, G8, G9 and G10. Generally a G5 and G6 type of material is classified as natural gravel and the G7 to G10 type of material as a gravel-soil. The lower the number (5 for example) the better quality material it is.

Click here to download the information sheet provided by Zero Azania


In terms of the Rules for the Procedure of Nomination of SACQSP Council Members (Government Gazette, 15 July 2013), Registered Quantity Surveyors are cordially invited to nominate one or more persons for consideration and possible appointment as member(s) of the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP) in terms of the Quantity Surveying Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 49 of 2000) for a term starting on 01 February 2018 and ending on 31 January 2022.

ASAQS may nominate as many persons as we deem appropriate. Each nomination must be submitted on a separate Nomination Form that can be downloaded from the above link.

Quote of the week

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

ASAQS members internationally recognised thanks to MoU

In March 2017, the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) to further professional development and information sharing for members of both institutions.  Members of ASAQS will benefit from international accreditation as well as the ability to work in the United Kingdom and elsewhere thanks to the MoU.

“Professionals in the South African quantity surveying industry provide world-class solutions to architects, consulting engineers and contractors. We are pleased that the MoU with RICS will enable ASAQS members to offer their expertise abroad,” says Larry Feinberg, Executive Director, ASAQS.

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Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management - short course

Date: 19th June to 23rd June 2017
Venue: Wits Professional Development Hub 92 Empire Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
The aim of the course is to:
+ Provide opportunity for people with roles and responsibilities for infrastructure procurement and delivery management in the public sector to acquire knowledge about governance systems for infrastructure procurement and project governance.
+ provide training for people functioning for client bodies to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the role of the client in relation to programme, portfolio, project and demand management in the procurement and supply chain management processes.
+ build skills and capacity within both public and private sector for implementation of National Treasury regulations, instructions and standards relating to infrastructure procurement and delivery management.

Click here to download more information about this course

Please help with this research

Ayesha Mall, Junior Quantity Surveyor at Group Five Coastal (Pty) Ltd is doing her Masters degree and requires your assistance. You are invited to participate in her survey on Reducing Material Waste in construction with the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM). You will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about construction practice. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions, you can withdraw from the survey at any point. It is very important for me to learn your opinions.

Please click here to participate

Promoting growth and transformation within the Quantity Surveying industry

The built environment is one of many industries that faces challenges due to the skills crises. Exacerbating the issue locally is a lack of transformation, retiring baby boomers, too few formalised training and apprenticeship programmes as well as a lack of funds to support minority groups who are studying towards qualifications within the industry.

Larry Feinberg, Executive Director at the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS), says that industry bodies such as ASAQS have a key role to play in promoting growth and transformation in the industry. 

Please click here to read on

Cash flow calculator back in the CUG

I received a call during the week from a fellow-qs who wanted to know what had happened to the simple cash flow calculator we used to have on the ASAQS website? 

I was stumped trying to find it so decided to add it in under Sundry Resources in the CUG.

Anyone wishing to use it can download it from here (after signing in on their profile).

Earn and Learn - is this not something we should think about?

An article on apprenticeships caught my eye in the latest issue of the RICS Building Training Surveying Journal. It is a subject that has always been close to my heart and something that I brought up during a recent discussion with Karl Trusler of the EduTech Centre. Quantity Surveyors who were trained in the 70's will fondly remember the old 5-year course where we did 2 years of full-time study followed by 3 years part-time while working in a QS office.

Barry Cullen of the RICS says that: 'Apprenticeships combine working and studying for a qualification. The new trailblazer routes are a fantastic way of developing future high-quality professionals."  The article then goes on to say that: "You may have seen recent media stories about apprenticeships in various industries and the levy introduced in April. Firms that hire apprentices can access at least 90% of the costs of training and final assessment either from their own levy payments or from the government, and two surveying routes that lead directly to RICS-accredited qualifications are now open."

So what is a Trailblazer?

Click here to find out more

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Think you may have missed something browse to our news section, it might still be there.

New courses added to GoLearning

In order to assist you we have added numerous new courses to GoLearning and will continue to add new courseware during the year.

Efficient - available 24/7 - do CPD when it suits you
Affordable - at a fraction of the cost of a seminar
Targeted - do courses according to your needs

Eat into your CPD requirements with GoLearning by clicking here.

  Weekend Property & Construction News


In order to assist members to plan their diaries this year in terms of forthcoming congresses and conferences they may wish to attend, we publish the preliminary dates of some of these congresses for your attention:

Agility, Swift & Strong - ASAQS Conference
1&2 August 20917
Gallagher Conference Centre


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