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Advanced Solar Thermal (Port Elizabeth)

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Advanced Solar Thermal (Cape Town)

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyors, project managers, cost engineers or anybody interested in the construction industry and built environment should find really useful information on this large web site dedicated to the quantity surveying profession in South Africa. Our Events Calendar lists seminars and events for quantity surveyors, cost engineers, project managers and other role players in the construction industry. Visit our online store to purchase contracts, documents, apparel and software or take time out to catch up on the latest "News". Browse around... we hope you enjoy your stay! Welcome. We're glad you're here.


How will the BBBEE negotiations effect your business?

If you are a Built Environment Professional (BEP) or Contractor then please download and read this document prepared for you by the ASAQS as the contents will have a direct impact on your business.

ASAQS recently published a document entitled "Official Report and Update Regarding the BBBEE Negotiations for the Construction Sector" on the web. The document was also e-mailed to all members as it contains information critical to all BEP's and Contractors doing business in South Africa.

If you have not, as yet, studied this document then please do so by clicking here to download it.

Please take the information as stated through this communication and utilise it in consultation with your BEE agencies to better understand the implications this will have on your business. 

Members of the ASAQS are urged to send any comments that they wish to make to the Executive Director. Your comments will be highly appreciated and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.  Your input will be crucial to determine how our members feel about the current status of the negotiations.

New Specified Categories of Registration for QS's  

The addition of the two new Specified Categories of registration (per Clause 18(1)(c)) of the Quantity Surveying Professions Act will enable the formal registration of Construction Quantity Surveyors and Technician Quantity Surveyors. The work required to do so was unfortunately delayed due to the absence of the Registrar in the second half of 2014.

The necessary completion of the drafting of the formal legislation and the necessary consultative process will be expedited during the first half of 2015.

For insight into the draft technical requirements for each new specified category, you can view them under the REGISTRATION tab on the SACQSP website.

Comments to are encouraged.

QS starts listing portal for built environment professionals

 Jannie Lubbe, who recently launched says that; ' a registered Quantity Surveyor i have struggled with getting my name out there and could not find a platform that really catered for my need to be a visible entity in the era of modern advertising (Facebook, Twitter, etc). By making use of I believe I have created the platform to assist all professionals in the built environment in getting there. 

The site allows Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Interior Design Architects, Project Managers, Landscape Architects in South Africa who are registered with their respective council to place free listings for their practices and branch offices.

The aim is to only allow registered members of the respected councils to register their companies on the website, thus eliminating the risk of unprofessional services, etc. All registering members will be reviewed and certified as registered by the said council. A company can list up to 25 offices.

The platform generates a map view for the public identifying service providers in the required location with a direct link to the service providers contact details and website link enabling them to comfortably browse through multiple firms and enabling them to get the right person for the job.

Click here to get your practice listed.

Alusani gives a massive discount on CPD training courses booked this week

Alusani Skills & Training Network, a regular advertiser with the ASAQS has recently sent out an e-mail to our subscribers listing the courses they are presenting during February and March this year.

They are offering R2,000.00 discount on training courses booked before the 23rd January 2015. This will be reduced to R1,000.00 for bookings received after the 23rd January but before the 6th February 2015.

​Click here to view the courses they are offering


Please click here to download the policy, rules and procedures regarding this bursary

Click here to download the bursary application form

We wish the Registrar a full recovery

In the middle of last year, the Registrar  of the SACQSP, Mr Steve Lyons, was diagnosed with a very rare and odd disease call Myasthenia Gravis which is a neuromuscular condition that shows up as “stroke-like” symptoms.

This required that Steve undergo open chest surgery, lengthy hospitalisation and him having to take a myriad of drugs to halt the symptoms. Initially he scaled back his workload and worked from home whilst recuperating. In early November, Council took the decision to ensure 100% rest for him, and between the Council members and the management staff, they assumed all his functions. The doctors advise that his condition has stabilised and now it is a slow 12 – 18 month recovery period to regain most of his physical and mental abilities.

The office of the Registrar continues to operate normally; in the first quarter of 2015 they are expanding the office space and have invested in sophisticated video and telecommunication facilities to enable them to operate more efficiently. They will be engaging additional personnel to speed up various processes that have been identified as problem bottlenecks, plus will be engaging additional legal resources to expedite disciplinary matters.

Professional Discipline 

The SACQSP fundamental mandate is to establish a professional Code of Conduct and the enforcement of the code thereby protecting the public from unethical behaviour from within the quantity surveying profession.

Ethics is about making decisions on what are good and bad acts, about right and wrong in practical situations. It is concerned with judging what people do and the consequences of what they do. This formal Code of Professional Conduct was compiled and legislated in 2006 with minor revisions as circumstances arose. The content of the document consists of morally oriented policies and a formal guide for the behaviour of users. The document itself and downloadable web references have been circulated to every professional and candidate a number of times in the past 3-years. Yet, there remain numerous infringements reported to the Disciplinary Investigative panel of late.

We encourage all Professionals and Candidates to familiarise themselves with and adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct. This is a serious matter that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. In this light,  the SACQSP will in 2015 require that every registered person is familiar with the content of the Code of Professional Conduct on a regular basis. Commencing the 2015 CPD annual cycle, every registered person will be required to undertake an annual online assessment of their knowledge of the Code of Professional Conduct. Reading/preparation should take 30 – 40 minutes and the online assessment 10 – 15 minutes.

Due to the Registrar's absence during the second half of 2014, many cases that required formal disciplinary intervention were held over in abeyance. Additional legal resources will be engaged and used to action outstanding issues and to ensure that future matters are investigated and resolved in the intended 6 – 8 week turn-around basis.

New courses added to GoLearning

In order to assist you we have added numerous new courses to GoLearning and will continue to add new courseware during the year.

Efficient - available 24/7 - do CPD when it suits you
Affordable - at a fraction of the cost of a seminar
Targeted - do courses according to your needs

Eat into your CPD requirements with GoLearning by clicking here.

Weekend Property & Construction News


In order to assist members to plan their diaries this year in terms of forthcoming congresses and conferences they may wish to attend, we publish the preliminary dates of some of these congresses for your attention :


Bloemfontein, 6th – 8th September 2015.

The first call for abstract papers will be on 27th January 2015 and to be in on 27th February 2015.
Draft papers to be opened on 5th May 2015.
Feedback 26th June 2015.
Final papers to be in on 31st July 2015.


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