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2015/04/09 » 2015/04/10

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyors, project managers, cost engineers or anybody interested in the construction industry and built environment should find really useful information on this large web site dedicated to the quantity surveying profession in South Africa. Our Events Calendar lists seminars and events for quantity surveyors, cost engineers, project managers and other role players in the construction industry. Visit our online store to purchase contracts, documents, apparel and software or take time out to catch up on the latest "News". Browse around... we hope you enjoy your stay! Welcome. We're glad you're here.


We welcome Karl Trusler as the new EduTech Director  

The ASAQS is very pleased to announce to our members that we have welcomed two additional full time staff members this month.

Mr Karl Trusler takes over as the director of  EduTech and will be responsible for heading up the Associations EduTech division. This director position has been filled in line with the objectives and strategies set by the Executive and Board of the ASAQS to ensure delivery of valuable educational services back to professionals within the QS profession.

EduTech has been responsible for:-

Maintaining the Associations comprehensive library of information and documentation ensuring that this information remains relevant and up to date.

EduTech has focused on the compilation and delivery of bespoke CPD courses, seminars and events for our members - Chapter, region and nationwide.

Furthermore EduTech is able to service our members and the wider industry by offering a Q&A service for all QS related technical matters. The answers to these questions carry an ASAQS official endorsement, and offer our members well researched replies and scrutinized answers to their enquiries.

Karl is a registered PrQs having completed his B.Sc. studies at Wits University and his M.Sc. in real estate through the University of Pretoria. Karl also has a B.A. in bible and theology obtained through the ICI in association with the Hatfield Training Centre as well as a certificate in Life Coaching.

Karl is exceptionally committed to his local Hatfield (and wider) community having spent a large part of his later career serving the Hatfield Christian Church as a Pastoral Administrator.

Karl loves the outdoors, hiking and exercising.

On behalf of the Executive Director, senior executives , ASAQS Board and all members we would like to wish Karl the very best in his new role and believe that he will take EduTech from strength to strength in the years ahead.

To read a short biography of Karl please click here.

Various positions available at DPW are suitable for QS's

Various positions available at DPW are suitable for QS's:

Salary: All-inclusive salary package of R819 126 per annum (total package to be structured in accordance with the rules of the Senior Management Service) (Ref. 2015/14)
Bloemfontein Regional Office

SPECIAL PROJECTS (36-month contract)
Salary: All-inclusive salary package of R532 278 per annum (Ref. 2015/19)
Head Office

Salary: All-inclusive salary package of R756 999 per annum (Ref. 2015/16)
Bloemfontein Regional Office


To read the advert please click here.

Closing date: 10 April 2015 at 16:00

Opportunity to represent the QS profession on the CBE

The Council for the Built Environment (CBE) established as an overarching Council in respect to the built environment professionals was re-constituted for its 4th term in the later part of 2014.  2 representatives from each profession sit on this Council.

President of the SACQSP, Prof Kathy Michell and a SACQSP nominated PrQS practitioner were appointed by the Honourable Minister as the QS profession’s representative to serve on the CBE council.   Due to a change in circumstance, the PrQS practitioner representing the industry is no longer available to continue serving on the CBE council and has formally resigned.

I attach the original CBE council invitation and member nomination documentation and request if there is any SACQSP registered PrQS willing to be nominated for the remaining term of the 4th CBE Council, failing which the Minister will appoint someone of his own choice.   If you are interested to be nominated, kindly provide me via return email the requested supportive documentation and signed nomination form to be submitted to the Minister.


Steven Lyons
REGISTRAR – The South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession 
Tel  011 312-2560 / 1Fax 011 312-2562
Email –
Web  -


Click here to download the flyer

The issuing of Professional Fee Guidelines 

Acting on the last directive received from the Competitions Commission, the Fees Committee has not madeany changes to the last Fee Guideline and Recommended Hourly Charges as published in 2013. Fortunately, we have not been instructed to withdraw the published Fee Guideline, and it is recommended that reference to these documents, with possible CPI inflationary adjustments, be used until further notice.

Please click here to read on 

Council News: Identification of Work

The much bandied about term Identification of Work (IDOW) means the description of work to be undertaken by a registered quantity surveyor. As a background, the definition and the work done by a registered quantity surveyor is not defined in the Quantity Surveying Professions Act 49 of 2000 and the task of agreeing activities, competencies and areas of overlaps between the 6 built environment has taken 14 years to resolve to-date (but not quite resolved in respect to project management between the architects and engineers). The matter has been taken up by the Competitions Commission as they felt that the IDOW, if legislated, will exclude persons who are not registered with the various professions (e.g. due to lack of formal education) and will be prevented from making a livelihood.

Please click here to read on

New cyber criminals stalking South Africans

Our bookkeeper opened a fax to e-mail and the next minute her computer was hijacked!

To read more please click here.

The RICS Route to Registration

A lot of confusion exists in respect to the need for RICS QS members to register with the SACQSP, to read more about it click here.

Presidential tour coming to an end

To read more about the presidential tour please click here

Council News : The Annual Registration Fee Increase

Every registered person should have received their annual SACQSP registration invoice via email onthe 27th January 2015. Fees are payable annually in advance by the 31st March of the year. Just a reminder that failure to pay your annual fees by the 30th May of the year will automatically trigger the accounting system to raise a “Late-payment” penalty that will be invoiced to you via email as a separate item. We get inundated by persons who get this late-payment penalty invoice who thought that their employer had paid the account. The SACQSP, per the Act 49 of 2000 registers and invoices individuals only. It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment is made either by yourself and claimed back from your employer, or the invoice received is passed on timeously to your accounts department for payment.

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How will the BBBEE negotiations effect your business?

If you are a Built Environment Professional (BEP) or Contractor then please download and read this document prepared for you by the ASAQS as the contents will have a direct impact on your business.

ASAQS recently published a document entitled "Official Report and Update Regarding the BBBEE Negotiations for the Construction Sector" on the web. The document was also e-mailed to all members as it contains information critical to all BEP's and Contractors doing business in South Africa.

If you have not, as yet, studied this document then please do so by clicking here to download it.

Please take the information as stated through this communication and utilise it in consultation with your BEE agencies to better understand the implications this will have on your business. 

Members of the ASAQS are urged to send any comments that they wish to make to the Executive Director. Your comments will be highly appreciated and will be treated with utmost confidentiality.  Your input will be crucial to determine how our members feel about the current status of the negotiations.

QS starts listing portal for built environment professionals

Jannie Lubbe, who recently launched says that; ' a registered Quantity Surveyor i have struggled with getting my name out there and could not find a platform that really catered for my need to be a visible entity in the era of modern advertising (Facebook, Twitter, etc). By making use of I believe I have created the platform to assist all professionals in the built environment in getting there. 

Click here to read more
Click here to get your practice listed.

New courses added to GoLearning

In order to assist you we have added numerous new courses to GoLearning and will continue to add new courseware during the year.

Efficient - available 24/7 - do CPD when it suits you
Affordable - at a fraction of the cost of a seminar
Targeted - do courses according to your needs

Eat into your CPD requirements with GoLearning by clicking here.

Weekend Property & Construction News


In order to assist members to plan their diaries this year in terms of forthcoming congresses and conferences they may wish to attend, we publish the preliminary dates of some of these congresses for your attention :

6th – 8th September 2015.
The first call for abstract papers will be on 27th January 2015 and to be in on 27th February 2015.
Draft papers to be opened on 5th May 2015.
Feedback 26th June 2015.
Final papers to be in on 31st July 2015.

29 NOV. – 1 DEC. 2015
Authors are invited to submit abstracts in English of not more than 200 words for peer review by the scientific and technical committee by not later than 31 March 2015.
Click here for the conference flyer


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