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Tender processes among factors crippling construction and development in Cape Town

Under severe economic strain, with a number of companies having closed doors over the past year, the local property development sector and, with it, the entire Cape Town-based construction industry is disintegrating, due in part to the continuing disintegration of the City’s own tendering and procurement process.

Towards the end of 2018, the Western Cape Property Development Forum (WCPDF) convened an Industry Workgroup to deal with the issues around procurement as it affected development proposals, consultants and contractors, in order to engage directly with the City in terms of the on-the-ground challenges the industry faced.

The workgroup’s first task was to compile the numbers, says workgroup convenor, Chris Steffen, who represents the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors on the WCPDF’s voluntary management committee: “There is a lot of dissatisfaction in the industry with the way built environment goods and services are procured by the City. 

“However, without research of the actual problem and having the science to support the evidence, one cannot lobby the authorities to change the way they do something.”

Added to the challenge, Steffen was asked to be part of a panel discussion at the recent WCPDF’s annual conference, specifically to represent built environment professionals, on the challenges around the City’s procurement procedures.

“Many of the complaints and dissatisfaction you hear about tendering for professional services from fellow industry members is verbal.  I could not be part of a public forum and simply reflect hearsay, hence my decision to conduct my own research so that I had some hard evidence to reference.”

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The EduTech Q&A

"The contractor on this project is claiming paymentfor suspended ceilings and bulkheads. The original drawings indicated nailed up ceilings.I measured the “Suspended Ceilings” as nailed up ceilings and the “Bulkheads” as nailed up sloping ceilings. I do not agree with the contractor. The only extra I can see, is to  pay the contractor for the additional vertical 38 x 38mm hangers required because the “as-built” ceiling is lower than was envisaged at documentation stage."

Is this a correct interpretation of the standard system?

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Please help!

Students from NMMU request your help to answer their online questionnaires:

Research title: Competence level of quantity surveying graduates: Employers' perspectives
Purpose of the research: Excellent services from quantity surveyors is expected in the current construction industry. However, it is perceived that quantity surveying graduates are incompetent to meet the ever demand services required by employers. The objective of the research is to determine which competencies are lacking from candidate quantity surveyors.
Target population: Only directors and office managers to complete the questionnaire
Survey link:
Survey closing date: 02 August 2019.

Research title: Continuous professional development in the quantity surveying profession
Purpose of the research: The objective of this study is to determine whether registered quantity surveyors are struggling to comply with their CPD requirements and to establish the effectiveness of the current CPD system
Target population: All professionally registered quantity surveyors with the SACQSP
Survey link:
Survey closing date:
2 August 2019

Research title: The Work-Readiness of Candidate Quantity Surveyors
Purpose of the research: The purpose of this study is to strategically evaluate the overall work performance and readiness levels of candidate quantity surveyors in South Africa. Work readiness is the extent to which individuals are perceived to possess the attitudes and attributes that make them prepared or ready for success in the work environment.
Target population: Only Candidate Quantity Surveyors will be requested to participate in the survey.
Survey link:

Research title: A review of the involvement of Quantity Surveyors in improving the cost management of mechanical and electrical services
Purpose of the research: This research is aimed at analysing the factors affecting the involvement of the Quantity surveyors in measuring and managing the M&E services costs and how they can create better value for the client during the construction life-cycle.
Target population: Only registered Quantity Surveyors practicing in South Africa, as well as Mechanical and Electrical engineers who provide their services for construction projects.
Survey link:
Survey closing date: 16 August 2019

Research title: Identifying the major factors influencing cost overruns and effective cost control measures in construction projects
Purpose of the research: Is to investigate the major causes of cost overruns on South African construction projects, the effects of cost overruns and effective cost mitigation measures that can be employed by quantity surveyors to avert cost overruns.
Target population: Registered professional quantity surveyors
Survey link:
Survey closing date: 15 August 2019

Research title: The effect of ethical leadership behaviour on the ethical climate and employee's commitment within quantity surveying firms.
Purpose of the research:
The research aims to highlight the impact that ethical leadership behaviour has on ethical climate and employee’s commitment within Quantity Surveying firms in South Africa.
Target population: Candidate and professional quantity surveyors
Survey link:
Survey closing date: 31 July 2019

Research title: Challenges faced by candidate quantity surveyors towards professional registration
Purpose of the research:
It is evident that the pass rate of the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) is substantially low. The objective of the research is to highlight the challenges candidate quantity surveyors are facing in registering as a professional quantity surveyor.
Target population:  Only professional quantity surveyors that have passed their APC in the last 5 years, will be requested to participate in the survey.
Survey link:
Survey closing date:
20 July 2019

Research title: The implementation of Building Information Modelling in the quantity surveying profession.
Purpose of the research:
The purpose of my research is to investigate the various components of BIM in the construction industry, more specifically within the quantity surveying profession. There are numerous barriers relating to the implementation of BIM which prohibit the successful adoption and subsequent utilisation of the new technology that is revolutionising how work is approached and executed within the industry. This research will specifically focus on the factors influencing the quantity surveying profession and their adoption of BIM.
Target population: Registered professional quantity surveyors
Survey link:
Survey closing date:
19 July 2019

You can claim 1 hour of CPD 2 activity for every two questionnaires completed.

Best Legal Q&A - Edition 4

Those of you who read our "Understand the Law" articles will be familiar with their origin. PSN Incorporated has now taken the best articles of 2018/2019 and incorporated them into a very handy 90 page booklet which is availablke free of charge here. Please note the printer below the online version as that allows you to print the current page, a range of pages or the whole booklet.

Best Legal Q&A is divided into 6 sections covering BEE, Commercial, Property, Labour, Litigation and Family and contains practical articles written partly in response to questions from their clients.

We think you will find this booklet of real value.

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