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Western Cape - NEC3 ECC Week 1 - 23 August 2018

Western Cape - NEC3 ECC Week 2 - 30 August 2018

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

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Quantity Surveyors, project managers, cost engineers or anybody interested in the construction industry and built environment should find really useful information on this large web site dedicated to the quantity surveying profession in South Africa. Our Events Calendar lists seminars and events for quantity surveyors, cost engineers, project managers and other role players in the construction industry. Visit our online store to purchase contracts, documents, apparel and software or take time out to catch up on the latest "News". Browse around... we hope you enjoy your stay! Welcome. We're glad you're here.


Invention which can turn seawater into drinking water

Here is the invention which can turn Sea Water into drinkable water by removing the Sea Salt from the water. The rest remains pure water which can be used for human consumption.

Credit: World Economic Forum

A minute of your time..

Please help these students. They desperately need your input.

Registered quantity surveyors undertaking these surveys may claim 30 minutes in CPD category 2 for each survey completed.

Research title: The effect of Implementing Agents on the Quantity Surveying Profession
Purpose of the research: To establish whether Implementing Agents has a negative effect on the profession
Population: Professional quantity surveyors
Closing date: 31 August 2018

Research title: Quantity surveyors acting as project managers
Purpose of the research: To establish whether quantity surveyors are competent to act as project managers
Population: Professional quantity surveyors
Closing date: 31 August 2018

Research title: Skills and strategies needed to conquer the barriers in a traditionally male-dominated construction industry: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole
Purpose of the research: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the barriers affecting women in the construction industry, the career development strategies put in place and the skill and competencies women can use to equip themselves to help them conquer beyond these barriers.
Target population: Female members of the ASAQS in the Nelson Mandela Metropole
Survey link:

Survey closing date: 31st of December 2018

The research topics are very relevant as can be seen from the above examples.

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BER Building Cost Index

The BER is excited to announce a new service offering, unique in South Africa, the BER Building Cost Information Service. This service comprises of 4 reports a year and provides an overview of accepted tender prices as measured by the BER Building Cost Index. Included in the report is a five-year forecast of the index, as well as builders’ input costs (the Haylett Index).

The BER Building Cost Index is widely accepted by the quantity surveying profession. However, not only members of the quantity surveying profession find the building cost data useful, but also building contractors, lawyers and arbitrators, property valuers, insurance brokers and insurance companies and, of late, asset management companies.

Members of the ASAQS, as part of the partnership between the BER and ASAQS, receive a 20% discount on the service if they register via the ASAQS membership portal. Members need to be signed in to access the link to the BER from the Members Only CUG under Resources on the menu bar.

Quote of the week

Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth.

Menachem Begin

Notice regarding construction work permits

The long awaited Department of Labour Notice regarding Application for Construction Work Permit  of Construction Work in terms of Construction Regulations 2014 was published this week.

A client who intends to have construction work carried out, must at least 30 days before that work is to be carried out apply to the provincial director in writing for a construction work permit to perform construction work if the intended construction work starts from the 7th August 2018 and will -
1. exceed 365 days and will involve more than 3600 person days of construction work; or
2. the tender value limit is grade 7, 8 or 9 of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) grading.

Government Notice 641 of 24 July 2015 is hereby repealed.

Either condition 1 or 2 or both have to be applicable in order to request a Construction Work Permit to be issued

Please click here to get a copy of the notice and guidance notes.

New ASAQS Board members

Dear Members,

I write to you today to update our membership regarding the final results of the election of the  6 (six) open General Board Member Positions that were vacant on the 2018 -2020 board of the ASAQS.

The ASAQS had received 13 nominations for the 6 positions available and conducted a ballot among all members eligible to participate in the election process and vote for their 6 (six) preferred candidates.

We are pleased to announce and welcome the following members to the Board of the ASAQS.

In alphabetical order:

Bert van den Heever

Danie Hoffman

Dean Narainsamy

Newton Baloyi

Pierre du Plessis

Pieter Kotzé

The ASAQS would also like to welcome and confirm the following Elected Office Bearers who were duly elected by the board:

President: Mr Yunus Bayat

Vice President: Ms Christelle Bown

Deputy Vice President: Mr Keith Skinner

Finance: Mr Pieter Kotzé

In strict compliance with the By Laws of the association, the President appointed 2 scrutineers to assist the Executive Director to count the ballots.   After a thorough review process and scrutinization of the exactly 250 legitimate ballots received from among our membership, overseen by tyour own nomination as being one of 13 nominees, has been voted in to occupy one of the 6 (six) General Board Member positions. The counting process was audited by myself (President), the Executive Director and 2 other scrutineers (also appointed by myself).


Larry Feinberg
Executive Director

BREAKING NEWS: ASAQS-accredited Construction Estimating course by Alusani Skills & Training Network®

Alusani Skills & Training Network®, who are a leading Level 2 B-BBEE training provider to the quantity surveying, construction, engineering industries have just released dates for their highly anticipated ASAQS-CPD-accredited Construction Estimating training course in Durban.

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Value-added tax rate increase: residential dwellings

During May and June we received several queries regarding the VAT increase and the rate applicable to dwellings started before the 1st April 2018.

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc published published a short article on the VAT rate increase and construction contracts. In it they stated that where a construction contract, in which the construction price is stated, was concluded before 1 April 2018 for the construction of a new dwelling, the construction services would attract VAT at 14% irrespective of when the construction services are rendered or completed.

One of our members wrote:

"The attached article issued by Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr refers

My queries relate to the two paragraphs headed “Construction contracts for new dwellings concluded before 1 April 2018”

  1. Where a contract for a new dwelling was concluded prior to 1 April 2018 but construction has not yet commenced (due to plan approval issues) would the VAT applicable to the contract be 14% or 15%?
  2. Where a contract for a new dwelling was concluded in December last year and construction commenced on 1 March this year would the VAT applicable to the contract (which will only be completed in February 2019) remain at 14%?
  3. Both the above examples are for luxury dwellings and the contracts were awarded after a tender process based on bills of quantities.  As the bills contain a number of Provisional Sums and PC Amounts which are still to be tendered would the subcontract tenders for the work included in these Prov. Sums and PC Amounts be subject to VAT at 14% or 15%?"

We asked Gerhard Badenhorst, Director - Tax & Exchange Control at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc whether he would clarify his viewpoint in the article and he readily agreed to not only do that, but also allow us to publish his opinion on our website.

Click here to read on...

ASAQS Elemental Class updated to V4

BIM users should take note that the files required to import the Elemental Class into Revit, Navisworks, Archicad, etc. have been updated and can be downloaded here. Two further files in .TXT and Excel format are also available for those who wish to import the classification system into other software.

Free resources

Readers are invited to explore our ever-growing collection of free resources.

These can be found by visiting the Free resources section listed under Resources on our menu-bar and include several free publications.

Have you missed something? Browse to the News section!

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New courses added to GoLearning

In order to assist you we have added numerous new courses to GoLearning and will continue to add new courseware during the year.

Efficient - available 24/7 - do CPD when it suits you
Affordable - at a fraction of the cost of a seminar
Targeted - do courses according to your needs

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  Weekend Property & Construction News


In order to assist members to plan their diaries this year in terms of forthcoming congresses and conferences they may wish to attend, we publish the preliminary dates of some of these congresses for your attention:

ASOCSA's 12th Built Environment Conference 6&7th August 2018 Durban

Call for papers. Please click here for more information.

Cape Construction Expo taking place 12 & 13 September 2018
Sun Parks, Grand West, Cape Town

ICEC-PAQS World Congress 18-20 November, 2018
Sydney, Australia at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre.

Grassroots to Concrete Jungle: Dynamics in the Built Environment

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Submission Deadline: Monday 30 April 2018


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