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The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors

All of us count!

Quantity Surveyors, project managers, cost engineers or anybody interested in the construction industry and built environment should find really useful information on this large web site dedicated to the quantity surveying profession in South Africa. Our Events Calendar lists seminars and events for quantity surveyors, cost engineers, project managers and other role players in the construction industry. Visit our online store to purchase contracts, documents, apparel and software or take time out to catch up on the latest "News". Browse around... we hope you enjoy your stay! Welcome. We're glad you're here.


The ASAQS promise: Investing in your skills, the future, and the QS profession

Dear ASAQS member,

The ASAQS has a proud history of serving the interests of the Quantity Surveying profession and construction industry in South Africa. For going on 120 years we have consistently acted in the public’s best interest and proactively represented our members in all aspects of the built environment, both locally and abroad.

As a non-profit and income tax-exempt association, our focus is on creating consistent value for our members.  We measure the success of our delivery of this value through membership fee collection rates and I am grateful to share with you that the ASAQS remains – during economically tough market conditions – one of the very few construction industry associations with a membership collection rate of 90%.

Over the past five years, the ASAQS board, committee members, staff and volunteers have continued to ensure that the interests of our profession are confidently represented at all major construction industry forums, government department committees and sector stakeholder engagements. In an ailing economy in desperate need of local and international investment and where wasteful expenditure and corruption continues to cripple the country’s infrastructure development, the need for qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyors on construction projects has never been greater. The ASAQS will continue to persistently advocate and promote the immense value that Quantity Surveyors can provide to the government and fiscus in ensuring that procurement, expenditure, project savings and overall cost control is brought into sharp focus.

In 2020, the ASAQS will vigorously resume its media campaign for a national infrastructure spend that is managed efficiently, competently and honestly. We will continue to speak out against corruption, mismanagement, incompetence, and the growing threat of mafia-style tactics such as intimidation that has taken hold within our industry.

Furthermore, another top priority on our agenda is the central issue of late payments and overdue accounts by municipalities and other government departments. ASAQS President, Christelle Bown, will distribute a survey to members to find out more about the pervasiveness of late- and non-payments and its impact on the industry within the next few months.

The successful EduTech division, which during 2019 has begun to bring affordable and convenient CPD to members through online webinars, is set to add more bespoke courses to its suite of online learning modules through the year. The planned release of the Measurement of Electrical and Mechanical as well as the finalization and publication of the new International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) are some of the technical documents that we are looking forward to publishing for our members this year

The increasingly successful ASAQS Annual Conference – held in Cape Town last year – sold out weeks before the event and saw robust conversations shared between key stakeholders in the built environment. This year the conference will return to a new venue in Gauteng and we look forward to hosting, inspiring and impressing you.

I would like to thank all provincial ASAQS Chapters, Board Representatives and all of our valued members for your continued support of our organization. We will continue to focus on strengthening our cooperation with relevant industry bodies in 2020, and we hope to give you more feedback, opportunities and value than ever before.


Larry Feinberg

Bitter-sweet news from the Midrand office

Karl shared the following news with us:

" Thati is one of two South Africans that have been awarded a full scholarship to study a Masters in Management at the IE University in Spain in 2020.

As a result Thati has left us to pursue her studies.

 "Investing in #talent is surely the best investment I do" said Christen Sveaas, Founder of Kistefos AS to the first cohort of Kistefos IEFoundation Young Talented Leaders Scholarship Grantee in Madrid last week. The group of students from Norway, Ethiopia, Liberia and South Africa who will study undergraduate and master programs at IE University thanks to Kistefos are pictured above. With Marang Mutloatse Tina Sødal Anine Kristoffersen Matthew Nyanplu Sandra Alemayehu Trym Ekra-Reistad Onthatile Nkobeni and Bengt Rem (CEO of Kistefos)

Thati has served EduTech and the ASAQS with excellence. She has made a real difference by raising the standard in all her areas of responsibility. Testimony to this is the standard operating procedure documents she has left behind to assist the incoming EduTech PA when appointed.

While Thati will be missed, we are also very proud of her selection, and excited about the opportunity it presents.

We wish her well in her future endeavours and soon hope to hear of her successes."

Quote of the week

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.

Albert Einstein

You better have 2020 vision to detect the latest scams

Two attempts were made to defraud me during the past fortnight. In both cases someone purporting to be from the ABSA Fraud Division called on my cellphone and said that there was a large transaction that they suspect may be fraudulent and that my card has been blocked. The person who called me yesterday said that the scammers had jammed my cellphone and I would not have received an sms to alert me of the transaction. In order to "re-activate" your card you need to answer some "security" questions.

During the first call I had one of those rare inspirational moments one wishes would happen more often and told the lady that as she had my profile open in front of her, I will be asking her some security questions just to make sure she was from ABSA. She immediately terminated the call. Yesterday, I played the man along and made as if I was hard of hearing (something my wife regularly accuses me of). I said that I was busy driving but would be parked in a better reception area in 30 minutes. He promised to call me back... I am still waiting!

Larry had his laptop stolen out of the locked trunk of his car mid-December last year. He parked at a fast-food outlet to get a quick bite, put his laptop in the boot, then locked and armed his car. On his return to Midrand he discovered that his laptop had been stolen. To make matters even worse, the insurance company refused to pay the full value of the item as there was no sign of forced entry. A review of CCTV footage of the incident revealed that he had been followed into the building by a gentleman who stood close to him and then left the building again. In the meanwhile a small delivery van had reverse-parked next to Larry's car. The next moment his car is disarmed, the person driving the delivery van opens his door and uses it as a shield as he opens Larry's car and pops open the boot. A quick stop behind Larry's car and he leaves with the trunk closed and the laptop stolen. The only logical explanation I could find was at in an article about cheap radio gadgets that enable thieves to steal your car. Presented with the CCTV footage the insurers were convinced of the theft and paid out the full amount. How does one prevent this from happening? Apparently it can't happen if you keep your keys in the fridge which will act as a Faraday cage! Others believe that you should wrap your key fob in some foil before pocketing it. Anyone have a bright idea that is smaller than a fridge and less cumbersome than walking around with a sheet of tin foil?

Those of you have recently bought a Toyota, be warned! You may soon receive a phone call supposed to be from your local dealer telling you that a dangerous factory fault was discovered in your model and that you should not drive your car at all. The dealership will dispatch a low bed to come and pick up your car.... and guess what!?

Try to be vigilant and safe in the coming year,

The Editor

The EduTech Q&A

Conflict of interest

As regards the regulation of professionals not getting involved in construction relationships with contractors, how does one reconcile the Code of Conduct with the following:

  1. NEC3 Contracts: ‘partnering’ option between professional and contractor?
  2. Design-and-Build Contracts: Joint Venture between a professional and a contractor. Under what conditions may a JV be possible or not possible under the professional Code of Conduct?
  3. What about ‘conflict of interest’ if there is indeed a partnering relationship on e.g. an NEC3 or Design-and-Build contract and at the same time both parties are also involved in another JBCC contract?

To find out what our panel of wise men concluded please click here

EduTech is there to provide our members with technical support. If you have a query please log in on your profile and visit the EduTech Technical Information/ Technical Query page to send your question to us. Your question is posed to our panel of wise men and an answer is compiled and sent back to you FREE OF CHARGE!

JBCC Advisory Notes:

JBCC Advisory Notes to be published in 2020 on a continuous basis. Click here to view the Advisory Notes.

Free resources

Readers are invited to explore our ever-growing collection of free resources.

These can be found by visiting the Free resources section listed under Resources on our menu-bar and include several free publications.

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  Weekend Property & Construction News


In order to assist members to plan their diaries this year in terms of forthcoming congresses and conferences they may wish to attend, we publish the preliminary dates of some of these congresses for your attention:

ICEC World Congress

15-21 October 2020
Accra, Ghana
Presented as a joint conference with the Africa Association of Quantity Surveyors (AAQS). This will be hosted by the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS). Further details can be obtained from the Congress Website at:

On behalf of the Congress Organising Committee, we would like to announce that the call for paper abstracts is now open. There are 2 categories for submissions – Technical & Academic. Please find attached details. Paper abstract submissions should be emailed to:

The Abstract Submission Deadline is 31 March 2020


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