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News & Press: 2012 News Items

ASAQS Executive Directors Annual Report

Saturday, 08 December 2012  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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Dear ASAQS Members


Without doubt the last 12 months at the Association has been very busy - to say the least ! Large membership projects and initiatives have come on line and been completed, with many new projects and initiatives either being developed, implemented or on track towards delivery in the new year.


One of the biggest challenges that the Association has had to face over the course of the last 2 years is regarding the fraud that took place at the ASAQS by one of the Associations own employees. As shocking as this matter still is, I am now in a position to be able to report to our membership on the steps and processes that the Association has embarked upon - to not only address the internal administrational issues that allowed the fraud to go undetected for as long as it did, but also ensure that the employee Rennie Moodley is brought to book and account (in a court of law) for this criminal behaviour. The Association has laid formal criminal charges against Moodley at Midrand Police Station, and the case is currently being investigated. Furthermore, a civil suit has also been instituted against Renny Moodley and a second civil suit instituted against the auditors who were responsible for producing the Association’s annual financial statements (AFS’s) for 2007/8/9 and 10.


All 3 cases (1 criminal and 2 civil) have continuously progressed over the course of the last 12 months, and the civil matters are now moving towards having court dates set and the case ventilated before a judge. However the criminal case against Moodley is currently still under further investigation with the SAPS. It pains me to say this, but the criminal justice system in South Africa moves at its own pace regardless of how persistent and insistent one can be with speeding up the investigation. None the less our forensic audits have been concluded, and the results handed over to the Warrant Officer in charge of the case at the SAPS. I remain optimistic that the criminal investigation being done by SAPS will come to a conclusion in the new year. From the above, it becomes clear that our Association will not allow any fraud of any type to go unpunished and is being proactive and doing its utmost to ensure that all avenues are thoroughly explored, all evidence thoroughly compiled and ensure that all guilty parties associated with this crime will be brought to account.


Upon my appointment, I was tasked with looking into and securing all of the admin processes at the office. I have analysed, changed and secured the way that the office handles all payments, receipts, membership data and sales. We have implemented "load and release” measures on our bank account so that no singular person is responsible for loading and releasing any payments. All invoices cross my desk for signature, and all payments, invoices and income are recorded responsibly and accurately. Ensuring that such fraud could never take place at our office again was given the highest priority.


Whilst as imperative as the aforementioned fraud matter is, other work has continued in the office on different fronts. A brief synopsis of the larger projects are detailed below :-

  • Campaigns have been conducted over the course of the last 12 months to update the details of our members and firms on our database (either telephonically or digitally).
  • A very successful ICEC World Congress was held in the middle of the year with the Congress ultimately recognising a profit of just under 200K for the ASAQS. As profitability was never a fore gone conclusion (right up until the very end), I would like to express my sincere thanks the ICEC 2012 organising committee for an outstanding job in delivering a world class event.
  • The selection, evaluation, and implementation of a new membership database.
  • Implementation of a new membership portal with online real time membership services.
  • A completely redesigned and retooled website.
  • Continual marketing in print and digital media throughout 2012 - with our new look and feel adverts containing the catch phrase " You cannot afford not to have a registered Quantity Surveyor managing your construction budget !”.


Further highly significant projects which have been initiated and are in process towards completion in 2013 include:-


  • Revamp of the ASAQS’s existing Bylaws and Constitution – Our current Bylaws and Constitution are being evaluated by a Board appointed subcommittee who will advise the Board of any additions, alterations or changes that the Association should consider changing. The Board will then discuss these changes and (as they are Constitutionally obliged to do) offer them back to our entire membership for review and comment.
  • Standard System of Measuring Building Works – A committee has been appointed to take, as first priority, the current Standard System 6th edition and produce a draft document in tabulated format – a few mistakes / omissions which the committee is already aware of in the 6th edition will be taken into consideration for inclusion into the tabulated version. Once the tabulated version has passed through an approval process (with various stakeholders and experts) will work begin on the second priority, to completely update the 6th edition.
  • Revision of the Guide to Elemental Cost Estimating and Analysis for Building Works – this project will be coming to a successful conclusion once all comments already received from our members on the draft version have been appropriately reviewed (the period for comments and review is now closed).
  • Model Preambles – a review of Quantity Surveying matters included in the Model Preambles is scheduled for 2013.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation Framework - A committee has been appointed by the Board to produce a framework policy that will allow the ASAQS to evaluate and assign CPD hours to any external supplier who wishes to have their course accredited for quantity surveyors. This framework is now in the final stages of review and will be completed shortly.


The ASAQS’s vision is "To be the professional organisation of choice for Quantity Surveyors”. In order to achieve this vision the Board has developed a number of key strategic objectives (KSO’s) over the course of the last 2 years. The ASAQS’s mandate / mission is to:-


  • Maintain the high standards, ethical codes of conduct and integrity of the profession
  • Promote and market the quantity surveying profession
  • Advance the common interests of its members
  • Represent the profession at government, industry and public forums – advocacy role


Over the course of the last 12 months the Board has aligned itself towards achieving these goals by way of assigning KSO to sub committees working groups within the ASAQS Board.


The KSO’s are :-


· KSO1: Branding the profession

· KSO2: Promoting and marketing the profession

· KSO3: Ensure that QS work (in all market segments) is performed by qualified QS professionals

· KSO4: Establish and maintain a comprehensive and up to date membership database

· KSO5: Transformation of the ASAQS

· KSO6: Edutech Committee


You can view the full and comprehensive strategy document and report which is available on our website in our members section under resources / members only / KSO’s. The document goes into far more detail for each one of the KSO’s described above. At our last Board meeting each team leader within the Boards KSO sub committees produced and presented to the Board a road map towards delivering on the objectives throughout 2013. The sub committees also requested from the Board specific budgets to be allocated for each of the KSO’s. These budget requests are currently being reviewed, and allocations will be made in each individual KSO case from the Associations budget in 2013.


I certainly hope that you, our valued member reading this message, has already visited and logged in as members to our new website / membership portal. We have sent out numerous e-mails since the website was launched advising you about the many new features that the portal can provide for you – ease of service, ease of payment and Google search ability for our firms and members. For those of you that have not logged in to our membership portal on our new website, we strongly urge you to do so as soon as possible – please use your e-mail address as your username and do a password reset. Please note that your old CUG username will not work on the new system. (further instructions are listed on the home page of the website to guide you through the process).


We have been asked to conduct a survey on behalf of the Council for The Built Environment (CBE). The Association would be very grateful if you could spare 15 minutes completing this survey - the results of which will be of benefit to all of us. The survey can be accessed through our home page or by clicking (you may need to sign in as a member first).


Lastly – may I also take his opportunity to thank you for your continued and loyal support of the ASAQS, and on behalf of the staff and management at the Association sincerely wish you a restful and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



Larry Feinberg

Executive Director - ASAQS
Association of South African Quantity Surveyors
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