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News & Press: 2015 News Items

Access restricted to new documents

Tuesday, 08 December 2015  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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The ASAQS announced that the Standard System for Measuring Builders Work (Seventh Edition) as well as the 2015 Model Bills of Quantities (aligned to the new standard system) are now available from the Members Only CUG in the Resources section of our website.

Although the announcement clearly states that the Model Bills are available to MEMBER FIRMS ONLY we have received numerous queries this afternoon from members who have been denied access to the download page.

Individual paid-up members of the ASAQS (as well as member firms but not students) will be able to download their free electronic copy of the new standard system from the CUG.

Member firms received their log-in details quite some time ago and may not remember what their log-in passwords are. If you can remember your Firm's Username or which e-mail was used in the registration of your firm you can request a password reset by clicking here.

If you continue to have difficulty in gaining access to your profile, you may contact the office on +27 11 315 4140 for telephonic support.

It is important that all members should keep record of their log-in details as it was decided at the last Board meeting that the ASAQS should start to differentiate in it's service offerings to it's members and the latest release of documents are the first to do so. In future documents which are important at firm-level will be published on pages that are only accessible if logged in with a firm's credentials.

Students will also no-longer have free access to all pages in the CUG as a separate CUG has been created for students which will soon be unveiled.

Why this change? The new model bills are a good example to illustrate the Board's thinking. The new model bills are published in Excel, WinQS and QSPlus format and the decision to load these documents into your measuring software should be a decision made by the directors or partners of a firm as the use of such a document presupposes that the firm is happy to switch over and are familiar as to the changes brought about by the new standard system and is also aware that the model bills are comprised of abbreviated descriptions which may need to change if the standard preambles are not used.

The ASAQS will also be supporting the release of future documents with CPD training as is the case with the release of the new standard system where Ms Elmarie Edwardes who co-authored the new SSM7 is doing training on the differences between the sixth and seventh editions on a per Chapter basis at present (see article below).

Where it is impossible to do training in the Chapters such training will be given at our recently launched training facility in Midrand.

 In the photograph above (taken on 2 December 2015), Lydia Carroll, an Exco member of the ASAQS is seen presenting a two day course comparing the essential clauses in FIDIC, NEC, JBCC and GCC in our training centre.

There are a number of revised and new documents in the pipeline for publication during the first half of next year and with their release members will be informed as to the security settings of each document, whether it is aimed at firms- or individual members.

It is therefore of paramount importance that our members become acquainted with the differentiated log-in procedures on our website.