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News & Press: 2015 News Items

ASAQS End of Year Message from the Executive Director

Thursday, 10 December 2015  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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9th December 2015

Dear Members,

Another year is coming to an end, and I am sure that like me, you too are wondering just where the time has gone?!

Many new positive developments have occurred at the ASAQS over the course of the last few years - with 2015 being no exception.  Our President Bert van den Heever has already eloquently elaborated about these many things in his end of year address (A copy is also available on our website if you haven’t seen it yet).

With all these positive things that the ASAQS, its staff and board are involved with and doing for our profession - what and where during 2016 is the focus of our association going to be directed towards?

In order to answer this question, let us take a step back for a moment and understand, or remind ourselves what the primary roles of the ASAQS is in relation to the SACQSP, our Council?  The SACQSP, as a statutory body is a government organ set up to:

  • Consider and decide on any application for registration, prescribe the period of validity of the registration of a registered person and keep a register of registered persons
  • Closely monitor the educational standards of our universities and the quality of their graduates
  • Ensure the competency of candidate QS’s, before gaining admission and recognition as PrQS’s
  • Identify work of a quantity surveying nature that should be reserved for registered persons by the CBE, after consultation with the Competition Board
  • Prescribe a code of conduct and code of practice and investigate instances of misconduct and transgression of these codes
  • Ensure that professionals remain CPD compliant

The above points are not meant to be an exhaustive list of the services and powers that the Council is set up to perform but rather give a succinct overview of the more important ones.

What then does the ASAQS do, and why is the existence of the ASAQS so important to our profession?  Simply put the ASAQS does everything else that the Council is not required to do!  Or to be more precise, we represent our profession in all the commercial and applied technical aspects of quantity surveying.  We accomplish a fair amount of this objective by representing the interests of our profession on both government and professional forums.  Council is seldom involved in these various “commercial” government committees, and in most cases their interests do not lie in making any direct commercial industry representation (except for the issuance of a fee scale - a complex and difficult process, which is done in collaboration with the ASAQS).

On the other side of things, and to ensure that the commercial “ball” is kept rolling, the ASAQS have set up various internal committees that have been assigned specific duties and / or projects by the ASAQS board.  The committees are required to report directly to the board on a quarterly basis.  Just a few of these committees are the Standard System Committee, CPAP Committee, Professional Fees Committee and Preliminary Committees.  For a comprehensive list of all ASAQS active committees please see 

Although Council liaise directly with the Department of Higher Education and Training and other government authorities involved in the delivery of education, the ASAQS is proud to assist Council in the continued professional development (CPD) of QS professionals.  The ASAQS has been mandated by the SACQSP to accredit CPD providers and their many different courses, thus playing an important role in providing our members (and the public) with assurances that the course meets or exceeds minimum requirements for gaining course accreditation.  An ASAQS accreditation of any event carries a mark of quality.

At the beginning of this message I asked rhetorically, what and where the focus of the ASAQS will be directed towards during 2016?

  • Tendering and corruption is an issue where the ASAQS can and must play a bigger role.  Our current President Bert van den Heever has already set the pace for this issue to get far more exposure and attention by the ASAQS board during 2016.  The ASAQS will place this matter high up on its agenda and devote resources towards actively advocating about this issue on targeted forums and in the press.  Where necessary the ASAQS will employ a lawyer to draft legal letters and act on our behalf of the ASAQS and our members if required
  • Discounting of professional fees - need I say more?
  • B-BBEE - an ongoing and critical issue that will affect all of our members in one way or another
  • Skills modules and training - Providing assistance for candidates QS’s towards gaining PrQS status with the SACQSP by delivering structured training to hopefully increase the pass rate of the skill module examinations
  • Technical documentation development / updating  of existing and CPD training in support thereof
  • ASAQS Conference - We wish to build on the success of our first conference and make this a flagship annual event that all members of our profession will be interested in attending
  • Increased publicity for the profession - We are slowly but surely building- and enhancing the image of our profession

Does it surprise you to learn that to date the ASAQS has already collected 96% of all membership fees for 2015?  In my mind this collection rate is significant not because it may show that our internal administrational processes are being refined and strengthened, but because I sincerely believe that our members are becoming more and more aware of the continual services and industry support that the ASAQS is providing for our profession.  96% says to me that perhaps our members are seeing that their annual subscription fee to the ASAQS is an investment worth making?

Although we realise that we have a long road to travel, and many more services to still develop and deliver upon, I do want you to know that our Board and team at the ASAQS is dedicated to providing these services and also passionate about continually improving upon our value offering to you. 

It is on this note that I would like to finally wish you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful new year.  If you are travelling, please travel and return safely.

Strength to strength for 2016.

Kind regards,

Larry Feinberg
Executive Director - ASAQS
Association of South African Quantity Surveyors
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(F)  -   011 - 315 - 3785
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