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News & Press: 2016 News Items

Winning over our loyal Members

Friday, 09 December 2016  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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Dear Valued ASAQS Member,

It was an exciting year for the  ASAQS and we’ve undoubtedly made great headway in strengthening and promoting the QS profession. So, as 2016 draws to a close, it’s certainly appropriate to review and report on the current year and also to set our sights on what lies ahead.

2016 in retrospect

It’s been a busy year for ASAQS.

EduTech, our information and education arm have revamped, updated and released 7 technical documents, including The Standard System of Measuring Building Work. Additionally, they developed a” release road-map” coupled with CPD programmes delivered nationally to facilitate and assist our members with the transition to the new standards. Last year, we proudly opened the EduTech Training Centre at our head office in Midrand, and ran CPD courses and training for both members and QS candidates from our bespoke training premises throughout 2016. Thanks to Karl Trusler the ASAQS EduTech Director and the whole ASAQS team for their exceptional efforts in realising this vision.

We also revised our 50 year-old constitution, bylaws and code of conduct. The clauses are now fully aligned and speak to a Digital Age audience, and our members have unanimously accepted these organisational governance documents by almost 99% of ballots cast and counted. The ASAQS has already completely incorporated and now operates under the specific guide lines of these governance documents in all daily activities.

We collaborated more closely with many more imperative government departments like the SA National Treasury, CiDB, CSCC and CETA. By establishing ourselves as a much more serious key player in the development of legislation, then our association has ever been before, we have without doubt furthered our associations objective to ensure that this organisation is ever increasingly able to protect our members’ interests in the formative stages of proposed legislation. A very positive spin off of this is that more and more government and quasi government departments have now started to take note of our associations reliability and are formally approaching the ASAQS and through us, our various internal committee structures for support, guidance and advice on a wide variety of issues. We will continue to productively and responsibly assist government whenever we are called upon or approached to do so.

We’re excited to have signed numerous Memorandums of Understandings (MOU’s) with many international QS bodies thus allowing us to formalise the exchange of information and technical expertise with them. Australia, Malaysia, Namibia, Hong Kong and New Zealand have all signed so far. An MOU with the RICS is due to be signed in late February 2017 as the existing one has now expired. Equipped with these MOU’s the ASAQS is now positioned to proudly represent the South African QS profession as a global peer on the international stage. Numerous other MOU’s are being proposed and I am envisioning these to be signed with additional countries during 2017.

Finally, we collected an unprecedented 98% of our membership fees in the preceding year, and are on track to reach a similar collection target for 2016. This unprecedented result is a strong indicator that our members are responding to the positive strides, measurable value and ever increasing efforts that our board and staff are taking to deliver continued member benefits. I will continue to maintain that our associations membership fees are not just “fees” but a direct investment in your profession which in turn allows the ASAQS to continue to do its work and increase the reach and the “face” of the QS profession. Thank you for continued support through 2016 and your trust that the ASAQS is doing its job and are responsibly managing your annual financial contribution.

Looking forward

We’re anticipating ongoing success in 2017. I’m proud that the ASAQS board and management have achieved almost all of the ASAQS’s Key Strategic Objectives (KSO’s). So next year, we’ll be developing a brand new strategic plan to which I, the Board and my staff will once again fully commit ourselves towards fulfilling.

The Standard System of Measuring Building Work was designed to be succinct and because of this its brevity often raises questions. The Standard System of Measuring Building Work Illustrated and Explained edition offers even more details and illustrations and will be published in 2017, along with a new General Trade Preambles. Both will most likely be released during the first half of 2017.

The Guide to Life-cycle Costing and the Guide to Implementing a Quality Management System will also be available in 2017. As these documents are still in the pipeline their release dates haven’t been finalised.

Through EduTech the ASAQS has during 2016 delivered an astonishing 28 bespoke CPD events right across South Africa! If we add up and include the CPD events that all of our 10 national chapters delivered through 2016 the number jumps to 41! This is an incredible achievement that translates to every ASAQS member no matter how far afield they are located within SA, having access to high value CPD in every sense of the word. My pride and gratitude to the continued work that our chapters and the volunteers who serve on these chapters continue to provide is large and sincere. I thank you, and I thank you again.

Winning over potential clients

Speaking from an economic perspective I feel that it is safe to say that it has most definitely been a tough year for most of our member firms. Indicators are that this trend will most likely continue into the first half of 2017, making our profession and your expertise more vital than ever. Investors want the most from their development capital, and its in this space that the PrQS shines. Fundamentally, our professionals assure that value is delivered during every project stage. That could mean more realistic budgeting, practicable design, sustainable building and energy saving, cost-effective procurement, shrewd tendering, tightly-controlled construction, or feasible life-cycle management costs. So focus not on what you do but how your service can help your client realise maximum value from their investment.


The ASAQS annual conference has been tentatively set for June 2017 however the final date will be announced in due course. Building on the incredible success of the last 2 years our annual conference in 2017 is set to be absolutely packed once again with outstanding presenters and cutting edge information all designed to address matters of commercial, technical and professional interest to our members.

In conclusion, my deepest thanks to the Board, staff and members who have made 2016 a milestone year. May I also take this opportunity to wish you an enjoyable and relaxing festive season, and a very happy New Year. All the best for 2017.



Larry Feinberg

Executive Director