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How does one measure a step in the soffit of a slab?

Friday, 30 August 2019  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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The EduTech Q&A

We received a query from a member who says: "Some Quantity Surveyors measure the steps in soffit of slabs under the item “Edges , Risers, Ends and Reveals not exceeding 300mm high or wide”. Other Qs's measure an item for "Step in soffit of slab 85mm high (giving the Engineers dimension) or "Step in soffit of slab not exceeding 300mm high".

The member then goes on to explain that edges and risers can be formed by formwork that can extend beyond the level of the concrete whereas material used in formwork to steps in slabs must be cut to exact dimensions. The stripping times also differ which means that material used in edges, risers, etc. can be recycled more often.

Shouldn't steps in the soffit of slabs be measured separately?

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