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Saturday, 09 May 2020  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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What am I allowed to do in the area where I live?

Lockdown regulations explained

Lockdown Bozza

This website is best viewed on a mobile device and gives a quick graphic overview of what is allowed in your district under each stage of lockdown.

For instance if you want to know the rules for exercising during level 4, select the area you reside in and click on the Exercise button:
Rules for level 4:
Cycling, running and walking is allowed within 5km radius of your neighbourhood between 6am to 9am
x Organised activities not allowed
x Recreational facilities remain closed
x Gyms are not allowed to open
x Hiking is not allowed (unless within 5km of your home)

What are the COVID-stats in my area?


Dr. Vukosi Marivate - Dept. Computer Science at the University of Pretoria with a few volunteers started a repo to consolidate the numbers that are released by the South African Department of Health [DoH]. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases [NICD] is the source of their COVID-19 [Corona virus] case data. Here you will find the latest data collated per district and province.

What is happening in the rest of the world?
and how does the deaths by COVID-19 compare to other diseases?

Worldometer stats


Answers questions like: "How does the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa compare to the rest of the world?"

Looking at the numbers one realises how inexplicable the spread of this virus is. We have more than double the number of positives that Thailand is reporting, yet Thailand had nearly 7,000 visitors from Wuhan alone between 3 and 24 January this year!

Worldometer gathers stats from the WHO and other sources and presents them in a concise manner on their website so that you can, at a glance, see how other numbers stack up on a global scale.

The Worldometer also helps to put things in perspective: