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News & Press: 2012 News Items

Report back on the final Board meeting of 2012

Saturday, 10 November 2012   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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The Board of the ASAQS met at 18h00 on Wednesday evening for a strategy review session where feedback was given on the six key strategic objectives of the Association. During the session, which lasted until eleven that night, the chairpersons of the various committees gave feedback on progress.

The KSO 1 group has "Branding the Profession" as it's focus and deliberated on whether the name "QS" is fully descriptive of what we do as this is fundamental to the success of the second objective; which is marketing the profession effectively.  After lively debate it was decided to keep the name and develop specialist branches which will be more descriptive of the work that some of our members are doing.

 It is also important to note that the report back of Deon Vermeulen, chair of the Edutech Committee (KSO 6), was well received. All members are convinced that we require an Edutech Manager who is able to assist members with technical- and legal issues and who is also capable to assist in the pro-active education of our professional members through structured CPD courses. The committee was instructed to  put their ideas into a workable business plan for submission to Exco before the end of this year.

Board members left Johannesburg early on Thursday morning for Elgro Lodge within the Vredefort Impact Dome where the Board meeting was hosted by the North West Chapter.

Mr. Pieter Kotzé, Past president of the ASAQS remarked during the meeting that the ASAQS has gone through a stressful period during the past two years but that the Association has now reached a stable position and built a viable platform from which to plan for the future and provide in the needs of it's members. Under the stewardship of it's Executive Director, Mr Larry Feinberg, much has been achieved during the past year and with current plans well underway, members will soon be seeing the manifestation of these efforts in the delivery of guidelines, documents and support from early 2013.

On Friday morning, after the marathon meeting, members were up early to enjoy the beauty of the veld and river before departing on a guided tour of the Dome. The asteroid that hit the earth where Vredefort is now situated is estimated to have been one of the largest ever to strike Earth (about the size of Table Mountain) and left a crater almost 300 km in diameter.

Vredefort dome
Satellite image of the impact zone showing the concentric
ring of mountains formed around ground zero.

In 2005, the Vredefort Dome was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its geologic interest. One of the results from this massive impact (estimated to have measured about 14 on the Richter scale) was that the impact "scooped up" gold from about 30 km below the surface to deposit it in rich veins on the periphery of the impact zone. So, South Africa has to thank a rock from outer space for it's rich gold deposits!

Board members on game drive
Board members were treated to a game drive on Thursday evening.

We wish to thank Mr. Herman Schoeman, Chairperson of ASAQS North West and his chapter for making this well deserved break possible for members of the Board. A welcome respite at the end of a year in which it was expected from them to give loads of their time and personal resources to restructure and improve the ASAQS.


Report by Bert van den Heever
ASAQS Webmaster


Elizabeth Maria Deetlefs Ms says...
Posted Saturday, 10 November 2012
Thank you Bert for the report! And the 'additional' tour that you gave us on the way there!! You forgot to mention the educational training and first hand experience provide by the 'Mampoer boer' - it was surely a very educational experience! Elmarie