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News & Press: 2013 News Items

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors Say That Tender Collusion Advances Poverty

Monday, 08 July 2013   (3 Comments)
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) condemns the unethical practice of collusive tendering. As has recently been revealed, a number of South Africa’s top construction companies have admitted to being collusive to "bid rigging” tenders for the FIFA soccer World Cup stadia. This form of corruption impoverishes the poorest of poor in our country, due to the inflated infrastructure costs that dilute government funds and ultimately cost our country and taxpayers far more.

For more than a century the Quantity Surveying profession has been playing a leading role in creating a "level” playing field for bidders. This is evidenced by the provision of quality tender documentation that ensures a fair tender procedure with free and open competition.

Corrupt individuals and companies undermine free and open competition by this unethical and collusive practice. Our Association salutes the Competition Commission for their relentless effort in investigating and pursuing these crimes in order to charge and discipline these offenders.

The ASAQS calls upon its professional membership as well as all stakeholders within the built environment to stand against all forms of corruption that include collusion, bribery, fraud, factual misrepresentation and the turning of a blind eye.

ASAQS President Gideon Vermeulen says "Be brave and not afraid to report instances of unethical behaviour and corruption to the authorities. The authorities are only able to act once a report has been made”. Vermeulen goes on to say "Our Association calls upon the Government to only employ competent professionals to compile market related budgets in order to use these as pricing benchmarks when adjudicating tenders”.

In order to secure a better future for the construction industry, the entire country needs leaders that will lead by example, living an ethical lifestyle in order to stamp out the draining effects that corruption ultimately takes on our countries valuable resources.

In closing Vermeulen says "Take control of your future by committing to Unashamedly Ethical business conduct today”.


Bennett Fendt (Umhlanga Rocks) says...
Posted Tuesday, 30 July 2013
The comment from Commerford is an insult to ALL the members of the ASAQS. Those 'lucky' enough to have landed a appointment by whatever means may not have done their homework very well but to insult the good name of the Association and its members for alleged acts of omission by a (maybe connected) few is unacceptable. Neither the ASAQS or individual members are, or have been, party to the contractual details of the awards, yet you unashamedly cast stones at us all? Is this allegation of 'sharp' practice not a symptom of the commercial product, fee tendering? Yes, fees are no longer regulated and we will see a lot more 'sharp' practice in the coming years.
Alan Anthony Commerford says...
Posted Monday, 29 July 2013
Shame on you ASAQS and all your members. Where were you and all your members (who were involved with the stadiums) when this was all going down? I don't recall seeing any protests from the ASAQS or any individual quantity surveyor, bemoaning the extremely high "tender" prices. I do recall hearing an architect complaining about 27% Preliminaries on one of the stadiums but not a peep from any quantity surveyor. Has this perhaps got anything to do with the fact that your members fees are based on the value of the construction contract and that they were benefiting from the inflated prices? How many of your members who benefitted from these collusive tenders will be willing to refund a portion of their fees to their clients? They should do for not picking up these collusive practices and advising the clients accordingly of the inflated prices. It’s too late now to be holier than thou and condemn the practice of collusive tendering. I would expect the quantity surveying profession, as th
Frans W. van der Walt says...
Posted Friday, 19 July 2013
Baie geluk met die standpunt en kennisgewing ! Ek hoop dit word ook aan al ons BEP kollegas, Regerings Departemente (veral Departement van Openbare Werke - Nasionaal en Provinsiaal), CIDB, CBE, ens., ens. en die media gestuur