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Make your CPD count
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The question is often raised whether any training, event or course will count towards a members CPD requirements for the year? Most members get bombarded with hundreds of e-mails advertising training courses and CPD events every week and are becoming more and more confused as to which of these offerings are "legit".

It is actually quite easy to determine whether a course or event will count towards your CPD  category 1 requirements.

Approved and accredited courses:
If the course is presented through the EduTech Centre, your local Chapter or online through GoLearning then you have no problem. If the course is presented by anybody else then first determine whether that course has been approved and the hours accredited by the ASAQS. You can do this by asking the course provider for proof of such approval or contact our EduTech Centre for confirmation or simply click on the list of accredited courses under EduTech on the menu bar of this website.

Non-accredited courses:
Getting accreditation beforehand
If a course or event is not accredited by the ASAQS (on behalf of Council) it can still count towards CPD1 if properly sanctioned and EduTech can assist you with that too. For instance, if you wish to attend an overseas conference then contact EduTech prior to registering for the conference and get your attendance accredited.

Obtaining sanction after attending a course
What should you do if you attended a course or a conference that is not accredited? Once again EduTech comes to the rescue! If you send EduTech (acting on behalf of the Council)  your attendance certificate and course content, they can evaluate the course and accredit it (once off) accordingly.

It is always better to settle the accreditation up-front before attending any course or conference.

Where do I find information regarding the courses that are accredited by EduTech or are presented by them?
EduTech has published a list of all courses they have accredited. You can also see which courses presented through EduTech will be available in your vicinity by clicking on Upcoming CPD Events under EduTech on the menu bar.  By clicking on the "Month View" members can see what is planned for the rest of the year and plan their CPD compliance well in advance.