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CPD explained
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The South African Council for Quantity Surveyors (SACQSP) introduced a system of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all quantity surveyors registered in terms of the Quantity Surveyors' Act (36 of 1970), effective from 1January 1999. To view the CPD requirements that registered persons are required to comply with to maintain their ongoing registration with the SACQSP, the registered persons are encouraged to view the SACQSP website ( for further information.

 The SACQSP has delegated some of its authority in this regard to the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) whereby the ASAQS acts as an agent on behalf of the SACQSP. The ASAQS is thus responsible for the following functions of the CPD system: validation of course material (through the national office) that will attract CPD points presentation of courses, seminars and events (through the regional Chapter structures) that will attract CPD points the issue of CPD attendance certificates to all attendees of such CPD courses, seminars and events liaison with other built environment professional organisations to achieve a unified approach to the presentation and management of courses, seminars and events that will attract CPD points The SACQSP will continue to be responsible for the following functions of the CPD system: setting of standards and requirements of the CPD system maintenance of the standards and outcomes of the CPD system as a pre-requisite to the ongoing annual re-registration requirements of the SACQSP ensuring that the annual registration with the SACQSP of the registered persons is maintained and monitored taking any appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action against any registered person who may not be compliant with the CPD requirements of the SACQSP. CPD examples and forms are available to ASAQS members from the Closed User Group on this website.


During the first few weeks of every year the registered persons of the SACQSP, many of whom are also ASAQS members, are obliged to submit their CPD Compliance Certificates to the SACQSP offices to ensure that their continued professional registration is maintained with that organisation. These submissions should be forwarded directly to the offices of the SACQSP, and not to the offices of the ASAQS. Members are advised to please take note of the following: The annual submissions of the CPD certificates are a matter for the SACQSP, and no longer the ASAQS (as was previously the case up to the end of 2006) The administration and capturing of the CPD process is now handled exclusively by the SACQSP offices, with no further involvement of the ASAQS (effective from beginning 2007) The ASAQS, or the EduTech Centre of the ASAQS, is no longer involved in this record-keeping process in any shape or form Should any of these CPD submissions be submitted to the ASAQS offices in error, they will simply be forwarded to the offices of the SACQSP for their attention and records.

As in the past, the regional Chapter Committees of the ASAQS will continue to offer seminars, conferences and CPD functions to assist members to gain their CPD points. But the recording and submission of the CPD Compliance Certificates will be a matter for the SACQSP offices.


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To find the latest CPD policy visit the SACQSP website