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CUG Explained
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A CUG or CLOSED USER GROUP is a feature on the ASAQS website that allows for the different member grades (or the public) access to specific information or resources located on this website. This is done to ensure that the various services and value that the ASAQS creates for its members can be differentiated between those ofMembers, Firms / Practices and Student Members. Through this mechanism, the ASAQS hopes to bring about specific value for money services oriented towards addressing the needs of each category of membership.

We believe the ASAQS was one of the first websites in the world to have an exclusive use area or CUG and it was designed for us in 1997 by WorldNet Africa which was then a division of the CSIR.

Please note – If you are not a member of the ASAQS and are looking to purchase documents, most documents contained in the members’ only resource lists may be purchased from our online shop, but do not qualify for the member discounts.


While the ASAQS aims to ensure that its publications represent best practice, the ASAQS does not accept or assume any liability or responsibility for any events or consequences thereof that derive from the use of documents or any other materials, software or resources as they are only intended to provide general guidance to those who wish to make use of them. Such publications, software or resources are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied and including but without limitation to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Unauthorised use of the contents on these pages is not permitted nor is permission granted to non-members to view or access the contents from links contained on these pages.


The CUG (Closed User Group) area is divided into three sections reserved for use by members of the ASAQS.

The member-firm section contains content which is of importance to firms and may only be accessed by signing in on the website with a member-firm profile.

The largest section contains content available to all members (excluding students) and may be accessed by signing in using your online username and password.

Student members of the ASAQS have their own section which contains valuable documents and information to assist them in their studies.

The available sections for each membership category can be reached by using the top menu bar (Resources) or the drop-down index just below the page title.

Members should be logged in on the website with their correct profile in order for the links to the CUG to work.


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