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Student Research Questionnaires or Surveys
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Student research

Students studying Quantity Surveying sometimes have to complete research projects that require surveys or questionnaires to be completed.

The ASAQS has formulated a policy on how students can be assisted and the SACQSP has also determined that registered quantity surveyors undertaking these surveys may claim 30 minutes in CPD category 2 for each survey completed.

In  order for surveys to be placed the following requirements should be adhered to:

Undergraduate students in quantity surveying have to post any surveys online if they wish the ASAQS to publish it on their website and newsletter. Online surveys may be done on Survey Monkey, Google Forms or on survey-platforms provided by the universities.

Students doing masters- or doctorate degrees in quantity surveying can, after posting their surveys online and not obtaining the results they need, send a written request to the Executive Director of the ASAQS requesting his consideration to send out an e-mail to the specific target group requesting participation in the survey.

In all instances ASAQS requires the following:
a.    Research title
b.    Objective or purpose of the research – in not more than 35 words – this information is optional
c.    Target population
d.    Survey link
e.    How long the survey will run i.e. date that the survey closes
f.     Ethics clearance certificate from their institution

All requests to have surveys published should be sent to EduTech who will then forward approved requests to the ASAQS Webmaster for publication.

Current surveys

The research topics below use Quantity Surveyors as the target population. We therefore kindly ask for your participation in at least one of these questionnaires. Each of these questionnaires should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. In return for your participation you can claim 30 CPD minutes in Category 2.

Students busy with research need your help to collect data for their thesis. Please assist by participating in these questionnaires (you can claim a half-hour of CPD2 for each completed survey)


  • Research title: Determining the influence of critical success factors on quantity surveying firms using a SWOT analysis

    Target population: This research is directed to professional consultants who are members of the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS).
    Objective or purpose of the research: This study will assist quantity surveyors with implementing the changes required to survive and remain relevant in the ever-changing construction industry.

    Survey link:
    Completion date: 1st of June 2018

  • Research title: A lean-led evaluation of infrastructure projects in South Africa.

    Target population: All Built Environment professionals executing projects in South Africa.
    Objective or purpose of the research: This study is aimed at evaluating how to eradicate poor performance of Infrastructure projects using known Lean
    construction practices.
    Survey link:
    Completion date: 30 April 2018.


Thank you for your participation!

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