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ASAQS management 2018/2019
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 Back Row - Left to Right: L.T. Hindjou (INQS – Observer); D. Narainsamy; J.P. Du Plessis; D.K. Röver (INQS – Observer); V.N. Baloyi; J.A. van den Heever; M.A. Raaff; K.A.L. Trusler (EduTech Director - Observer); A.J. Simpson; M. Verster; D. Hoffman
Front Row - Left to Right: M.P. Rwexu*; P.D. Kotzé (Finance); C. Bown (Vice President); L.E. Feinberg (Executive Director); Y.G.H.A. Bayat (President); Dr. M.S. Ramabodu (Immediate Past President); K.F. Skinner (Deputy Vice President); T.R. Pule
Absent: L.F. Ferreira; C. Ferreira

* Mr. Litha Makubalo replaced Mr Rwexu as Border Chapter Representative after this photograph was taken


The ASAQS Board for the term 2018/2019 will be as follows:


1.    Mr. YGHA Bayat (Yunus) - President

2.    Dr. MS Ramabodu (Stephan) - Immediate Past President

3.    Mrs. C Bown (Christelle) - Vice President

4.    Mr. KF Skinner (Keith) - Deputy Vice President

5.    Mr. PD Kotzé (Pieter) - Finance / Elected Board Member

6.    Mr. LE Feinberg (Larry) - Executive Director


7.    To be appointed - Limpopo Representative

8.    Mrs. C Ferreira (Cameron) - Free State Representative

9.    Mr. M Verster (Marcel) - Mpumalanga Representative

10.  Mrs. TR Pule (Rose) - North West Representative

11.  Mr. MA Raaff (Michael) - Eastern Cape Representative

12.  Mr. L Makubalo (Litha) - Border Representative

13.  Mr. LF Ferreira (Louis) - Northern Cape Representative

14.  Mr. AJ Simpson (Alastair) - Western Cape Representative


14.  Mr. JA van den Heever (Bert) - Elected Board Member

15.  Mr. JP du Plessis (Pierre) - Elected Board Member

16.  Mr. VN Baloyi (Newton) - Elected Board Member

17.  Mr. D Hoffman (Danie) - Elected Board Member

18.  Mr. D Narainsamy (Deen) - Elected Board Member

Board members who have 2x roles:

Mr. YGH Bayat - President / KwaZulu Natal Representative

Mr. JA van den Heever – Webmaster / Elected Board Member

Mr. KF Skinner (Keith) – Deputy Vice President / Gauteng South Representative

Mr. PD Kotzé (Pieter) - Finance / Elected Board Member

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