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News & Press: 2018 News Items

Turn 2018 traction into 2019 attraction

Friday, 07 December 2018  
Posted by: Bert vd Heever
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The ASAQS membership fee collection rate for this year is at 91.5% – slightly below the previous year’s collections when compared to December 2017. This collection rate is made possible by the continued support of professionals like yourself. We are very grateful for your dedication to the ASAQS, especially in the current phase the built environment finds itself.

This phase can only be described by the buzzword VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity. The past year contained immense highs and immense lows for South Africa, and 2019 will most probably be more of the same.

In times of uncertainty the only sure choice we have is what we think and do until a down cycle turns upwards again. While it may seem more realistic to adopt a downcast attitude, in the long run it is better to keep a balanced view and to consider current struggles together with past victories.

We – and you – have much to be proud of, even though that pride might be suppressed by fears of an uncertain future.

A few of the achievements that is testament to the consistent progressive steps taken by the ASAQS through the commitment, passion and hard work of so many include:

  • the number of new members that have joined the ASAQS this year that is on track towards balancing the reduction in the collection rate,
  •  consistently increasing and improving the ASAQS CPD offering,
  •  consistently producing high quality standardised technical documentation through the ASAQS’s Edu-Tech division,
  •  the significant increase in the number of delegates that registered for the ASAQS conference earlier this year – confirmed at just over 300,
  •  the creation of the brand-new ASAQS Connect initiative under the guidance of the ASAQS Western Cape chapter,
  •  invitations by the highest echelons of government to engage in the shaping of the future of the QS profession,
  •  recognition by industry professionals of the diverse role and responsibilities that a professional quantity surveyor is able to bring to bear on complex construction projects,
  •  an invitation by the PAQS for the ASAQS to become an Associate member in recognition of its consistent work and contributions made over the last 22 years.

There is no way we can guarantee that next year will be any more stable or certain than this year. It is however absolutely in our power to build – or even just influence – our longer term success.

The key to this success lies in consistency of effort.


At the ASAQS we have created various structures and partnerships that serve to create the fertile landscape for great ideas. These ideas then take root and germinate into strategies and ultimately into firm and confident actions that – when repeated with great patience and consistency – ultimately delivers great results.


One beat of a drum isn’t enough to create a rhythm that inspires others to move. Only a consistent beat can get others to move in sync towards a great swelling of success that brings fulfilment and alignment to all involved.

We often forget to stop and look at how far we’ve come. Therefore my wish for you during the year-end break is that you make time to reflect not only on the changes you need to make in the new year, but also on how your efforts over the past few years have already paid off.


Larry Feinberg